Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Torch

I carried the torch during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Torch Relay. I carried in Northern Ontario.

The torch is for sale, and is posted on eBay.

I provide this site in order to provide more detailed pictures of the torch, the torchbearer uniform, and the Coca-Cola Cheer Kit.

I have used eBay for many years and have an excellent seller reputation. Bid with confidence!

Running with the Torch




This is the torch that I carried. I have decided to leave the soot on the torch, but it can easily be removed. I will leave it up to the buyer to clean it if they wish. Torchbearers were provided with a cloth sheath for their torch and a cardboard storage box. All are included.

Torch Side
Side of Torch

Torch Side 2
Side of Torch

Torch Bottom
Front of Torch (Away from Torchbearer)

Torch Key
Close up of Front of Torch (Fuel Keyhole)

Torch Top
Back of Torch (Toward the Torchbearer)

Torch Maple Leaf
Close up of Back of Torch (Maple Leaf)

Torch Soot 1
Close up of Top of Torch (Soot)

Torch Soot 2
Close up of Top of Torch (Soot)

Torch Number
Close up of Back of Torch (Torchbearer Number)

Torch Logo
Close up of Side of Torch (Vancouver 2010 Olympic Logo)

Close up of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Logo and Maple Leaf

Torch Glowing Hearts
Close up of Back of Torch (Inscription)

Torch Inside
Inside of Torch

Torch Inside Fuel
Close-up of Inside of Torch (Fuel Mechanism)

Toch Inside Assembler
Close up of Inside of Torch (Assembler)

Torch, Sheaf, Box
Torch, Sheath, and Box

Torch Bag Top
Torch Cloth Sheath (Top)

Toch Bag Bottom
Torch Cloth Sheath (Bottom)

Torch Box Open
Torch Box (Open)

Torch Box Closed
Torch Box (Closed)

Torchbearer Uniform

Torchbearers were provided with a uniform consisting of a jacket, pants, toque, and mittens. This uniform is a medium. The bag that contained the uniform is included. The box that contained the uniform and cheer kit is included. The paperwork that accompanied the uniform is included.

Torchbearer Uniform

Uniform Jacket Front
Front of Torchbearer Uniform Jacket

Uniform Jacket Logo Closeup
Close up of Torchbearer Jacket Logo

Uniform Jacket Back
Back of Torchbearer Uniform

Uniform Pants
Torchbearer Uniform Pants

Uniform Pants Reflective
Torchbearer Uniform Pants (Turned to Show Reflective Decals)

Uniform Pants Logo Closeup
Close-up of Torchbearer Uniform Pants Logo

Uniform Pants Label
Torchbearer Uniform Pants Label (Medium)

Uniform Hat, Mitts
Torchbearer Uniform Hat and Mittens

Uniform Bag
Torchbearer Uniform Bag (Uniform Came Inside this Bag)

Uniform Box
Torchbearer Uniform Box (Uniform and Coca-Cola Cheer Kit Came in this Box)

Cheer Kit Paperwork
Torchbearer Uniform Paperwork (Envelope, Letter, Torchbearer Merchandise Booklet, Torchbearer Information Guide, RBC Coin Booklet

Cheer Kit Letter
Close-up of Letter

Coca-Cola Cheer Kit

Because I was chosen to carry the torch through Coca-Cola, I was given a Coca-Cola Cheer Kit with my uniform. It included, a box, a congratulatory letter, a Limited Edition Coca-Cola bottle light (3336 of 4500), five pennants, a bag, a window sticker, and a black marker. All are included.

Cheer Kit
Cheer Kit

Cheer Kit Box
Cheer Kit Box

Cheer Kit Letter
Cheer Kit Letter

Cheer Kit Pennants
Cheer Kits Pennants

Cheer Kit Bottle Side 1
Cheer Kit Bottle Light (Side)

Cheer Kit Bottle Side 2
Cheer Kit Bottle Light (Side)

Cheer Kit Bottle Number
Cheer Kit Bottle Light (Number)

Cheer Kit Bottle Bottom
Cheer Kit Bottle Bottom (To Show Attached Battery Connection Tab)

Cheer Kit Window Sticker in Bag
Cheer Kit Window Sticker in Bag

Cheer Kit Window Sticker
Cheer Kit Window Sticker Out of Bag

Cheer Kit Bag Front
Cheer Kit Bag (Front)

Cheer Kit Bag Back
Cheer Kit Bag (Back)

Cheer Kit Marker
Cheer Kit Black Marker

Torch Relay Marker

At route marker marked the beginning of each torchbearers segment. I was torchbearer 45 and this is my route marker. The sticker was damaged during removal, but is presented as is.

Relay Route Sticker
Torch Relay Route Marker 45